Craftsman: Building Craft

Craftsman: Building Craft is a casual simulation game developed by StarGame22 with a sandbox world theme. It is a very relaxing casual game that many players will love.Players will enjoy different world experiences and can play in survival mode and creation mode at will. Players can carry out in the game with the help of various resources and props and monsters. You can build a perfect world of your own in the game. In short, the game's gameplay is extremely similar to Minecraft, and players will be able to experience different fun!The game is simple to play as well as the mode can make the player to play the fun. "Simple" is the biggest highlight of this game, it does not need any complex mode and framework. In the game provides two modes, the player can choose at will, and can also invite their friends to participate in the construction, you can build a city, a garden, etc., in short, you can imagine the things can be built here!The game is easy to learn, players do not need to worry about what you want here, because the game provides players with different tools and a variety of materials.




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OS : android

Version : 1.9.216

Size : 84M

Updated : October 31, 2021

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