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A simple puzzle game where you collect and connect the popular stuffed toys TSUM TSUM from the Disney Store is now available on LINE! Everyone's favorite Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Winnie the Pooh are here! It's very easy to play. Just connect three stuffed animal Tsums! There are many types of Tsums, so let's collect them and play with them! 【how to play】 Just trace and connect 3 or more Tsums of the same character until the time is up. The score changes depending on the length of the connection, so aim for a high score by connecting for as long as possible! 【rule】 - If you connect 3 or more Tsums, they will disappear and you will get points. ・The longer you connect, the higher your score! ・If you erase a lot, you will get a fever and have a chance to get a high score! ・If you obtain a Tsum, it will appear in the game as "My Tsum". - All MyTsums have special skills, so use them wisely. ・Everyone has their own strategy, so aim for a high score in your own style! [About compatible models and versions] Compatible with Android OS 6.0 and above




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OS : android ios

Version : 10.1.3/10.1.3

Size : 69.5MB/69.5MB

Updated : January 11, 2024/January 12, 2024

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