The familiar classic card game "LINE: Solitaire" is here! Full of game functions that can be played for free and are easy for beginners! It's a simple card game that's perfect for your daily spare time and killing time! ▼How to play ・The cards can be stacked in order from large numbers to small numbers, and alternately red and black! ・Let's put A in the foundation piles! "You can stack cards from small to large numbers on the foundations!" ・When nothing is placed on the tableau pile, try placing a K card. ・If there are no cards that can be moved in the tableau pile, turn over the cards in the deck and look for the card you want. ・ Clear when all the cards on the tableau piles are turned face up! ▼ Help function LINE: Solitaire has a lot of help functions! If you can't figure it out, use hints, shuffle, or magic. ▼Shuffle If you don't see the card you want in the deck, press the shuffle button! Shuffle allows you to shuffle the cards that are face down. Chance to get the card you want! ▼Magic When you can't move any more, try pressing the magic button! Magic is the strongest help function that you can always get the card you want. Don't give up and aim to clear! ■Recommended for such people! ・In the gap time between commuting and attending school ・ People who like casual games ・ People who like card games ・ People who like solitaire ・People who are looking for easy-to-operate games ・ People who want to play games ・ People who want to kill time ・ People who like cute games




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OS : android ios

Version : 2.0.6/2.0.6

Size : 128.4MB/128.4MB

Updated : November 27, 2023/November 28, 2023

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