Papa's Pastaria To Go!

Papa's Pastaria To Go! is the fourteenth game in the Papa Louie restaurant time management series.Do you like pasta and have you ever thought about using a pasta restaurant of your own, come to Papa's Pastaria To Go and become the chef of the restaurant. Here you will be in charge of running Papa'sPastaria. Meet a variety of customers with different needs and their own unique tastes. When they walk into the restaurant, walk up to them and ask them what they want to order. Then prepare a variety of food to meet each customer's needs.The pasta is cooked in boiling water, taking care that it is as soft or as hard as the customer wants it to be, and when the time is up, it is chucked out, and the toppings are chosen according to the taste of each customer - is it spicy sauce? Or grated cheese? Or ketchup is also good, do not forget to add snacks, sausage or beef? Remember to look at the customer's order, different food has different production process, the game also has a lot of ingredients to choose from, play your imagination, to attract more customers.




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OS : android ios

Version : 1.0.1/1.0.1

Size : 81.9 MB/53MB

Updated : July 28, 2020/July 25, 2020

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