PAW Patrol: Air & Sea

PAW Patrol: Air & Sea is a game based on the animated series PAW Patrol, an action-adventure series from the Kids Channel about a young boy named Ryder who trains six rescued puppies to become a team of highly skilled dog patrols. PAW Patrol: Air & Sea is a game based on the cartoon, in this game, you will start a wonderful adventure with the brave dogs.Each dog has its own unique talents and skills, Chase is a super agent, Marshall is a fire dog and is good at first aid in fire, Skye is familiar with various flying techniques, Rocky is good at repairing various objects, and Zuma is a dog with a unique skill set. Rubble is proficient in engineering machinery, and Zuma is good at rescue in the water.PAW Patrol: Air & Sea has more than 30 levels, each level you will encounter a different problem, and the level will increase in difficulty as the game progresses. Don't be afraid, the dogs will be your helpers, with you in different places to explore and solve the difficulties. Complete the task and you will get your own reward!With cartoonish graphics for all ages, if your child is a fan of PAW Patrol, then don't miss this game that will help children develop important early math skills and help preschoolers get ready for kindergarten.




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OS : android ios

Version : 3.3/3.3

Size : 425.8MB/24MB

Updated : July 03, 2018/June 28, 2018

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