If you like Minecraft, we now recommend Terraria, a highly free-to-play sandbox game with the same retro pixelated style as Minecraft. It seems to have similar gameplay and graphics, but only when you actually experience it can you find out the differences between the two games.When you are put into a randomly generated pixel world, what choice will you make? It's a journey into the unknown, and the moment you embark on it, the adventure begins. You have to use the tools at hand to make something, because in this unknown world you don't know what will happen, maybe there will be some monsters, so you have to make some weapons and buildings to protect yourself. You will keep exploring in this world, collecting stones, wood, iron ore and other materials, using the various resources collected to create a variety of things, in the case of laying the foundation for survival, from which you get the fun of creating things.There is day and night, with the sunset and sunrise, you will also usher in a new adventure. There is an above-ground world and an underground world, one full of unknowns and one full of dangers. In the dark underground world, terrible enemies and difficult challenges await you, from giant slimes, skeletons, worms to all kinds of bugs, the dangers here are unpredictable, don't be afraid to pick up your weapons and fight them!You will never be bored in the world of Terraria because you can also adventure with your friends, supporting up to 7 online players to adventure together.Terraria's classic pixelated style and rich gameplay is suitable for every player. There are many more places to explore, so when you're ready, come explore in Terraria.




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Size : 179.6MB/160MB

Updated : November 03, 2020/November 04, 2020

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