Blockman Go

Want to build your own various styles of decoration in a cube world? Are you a cube lover? Want to experience a different kind of gaming fun in a block game? Then you can in this Blockman Go offers a large number of minigames for you and your friends. These minigames range from action games like Battle Royale, TNT Tag, Egg Wars and Ultimate Fighting to team games like Capture the Flag, Build Wars and Build & Shoot. With such a wide selection, you and your friends are sure to find the best multiplayer minigames here and have fun of your own,.The game is still in the classic cartoon style, a style that makes it easy and enjoyable for players to challenge the game and feel the thrill and excitement that comes from the battles.You can also change the appearance of your character here, and you can also play shooting battles, fight monsters and upgrade, so you can say that Blockman Go brings all the sandbox games together in this game, in this small game in the world of many cubes, you need to constantly challenge, and also need you to constantly build survival dodging points, you also need to survive in this block adventure. You also need to fight bravely in this cube adventure, join us to use the weapons here to fight, to break out of your world.




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OS : android ios

Version : 2.4.1/2.11.2

Size : 586.6 MB/128M

Updated : October 29, 2021/October 27, 2021

* For reference, The Blockman Go game websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


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