Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 is a casual game developed by AMANOTES PTE LTD, a music themed game where players will play piano piece after piece on the screen with their fingertips!If you want to learn a certain instrument but are afraid to try it in real life, Magic Tiles 3 will give you the courage to do so. In the game, you only need to control your fingertips to tap on the screen to play beautiful pop songs, as if all the notes are dancing on your fingertips, you will enjoy the thrill of playing music and take the first brave step with this belief.If you like all kinds of pop music, Magic Tiles 3 will bring you a unique auditory feast! You will be able to discover various genres of music such as pop, rap, a cappella, EDM, jazz, instrumental, etc. You will also find your favorite Blackpink and Bigbang playlists and you can play them yourself in the game to listen to each of your favorite music in this special way.If you are just looking for a game to pass the boring time, Magic Tiles 3 will bring you a variety of surprises. There is beautiful music to relax you, simple gameplay and interesting gameplay to provide you with fun. Although the operation of Magic Tiles 3 is very simple, the levels in the game are also full of challenges. As you go deeper and deeper into the game, you will find that the blocks fall faster and faster, challenging you to your limits.Magic Tiles 3 has over 5,000 of the hottest songs for players to play, and each song is a whole new challenge. Do you have the confidence to play through a song? Don't hesitate to become a piano master in Magic Tiles 3!Magic Tiles 3 is a very easy to play casual game with simple gameplay for every stage of the game, and you can use it on Android or IOS platforms!




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OS : android ios

Version : 8.085.004/8.084.005

Size : 313.1 MB/104MB

Updated : September 06, 2021/Augugust 31, 2021

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